11 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

11 ways to boost your creativity

We all have those times when life gets us down, we are all so busy rushing off to do a million things that sometimes creativity takes a back seat.

I have come up with an emergency creative boosting list, these are just a few things that we do on a regular basis to help boost our creativity, or sometimes to just wake up our creative minds.

Try a few of these things, we would love to hear how you go….

  1. Get on Pinterest!!! This is my number 1 fall back! How can you search through Pinterest & not let others creativity rub off on you!
  2. Go outside! – Take a walk in a park on soft grass with bare feet, go to the beach & walk along the sand. Fresh air & pretty scenery always feeds my creativity
  3. Take a trip to your local stationary store, here we love Typo, and Kikki K. They always have beautiful stationary, & little bits and pieces that will make me buzz with ideas.
  4. Facebook, message, call or go visit with one of your creatively minded friends. Being around others who are creative will light an inspiring fire in you.
  5. Watch an inspiring movie, something with amazing scenery, & a feel-good fun storyline.
  6. Pump some tunes! – Music is known to be an instant mood changer, make it upbeat & loud!
  7. Get our your old felt tip pens & pencils – I know this sounds a little ‘young’ for some, but don’t be put off, there are some sensational adult colouring books out there, try this one.
  8. Make friends with your kitchen. – Bake, Cook, and get creative with food. I spend hours poring over gorgeous cookbooks, getting ideas, and then creating some tasty treats! Try these blogs for outstanding photography and recipes. What Katie Ate, Sophie Dahl, Call Me Cupcake.
  9. Markets – Local craft markets & bazaars always get my brain juices flowing, so many ideas, and a great way to spend your weekend!
  10. Take time to dream. – Give yourself some quiet time, dream, think, and indulge in some self-made inspiration time.
  11. Just do it! – You may have ideas already, but haven’t found the time to act on them. If you just begin a little project, this will often lead you down the rabbit hole of creativity.

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