Vintage Boho Teepee




This weekend, we wanted to showcase our love for the quirky, fun, pretty, feminine, bohemian, vintage, up-loved, recycled items that can lend themselves to a modern photo shoot. We created our own Vintage Boho Teepee styled shoot, that incorporated some of our favourite things. Soft floaty long forgotten fabrics and everyday household items that someone threw away, mixed them in with some homemade pieces which we made from scraps and odd bits and bobs around the home. We scrounged most things from a variety of places we love to frequent, mostly because of the treasures you can find in these shops of unwanted junk, we can find ugly ducklings that can be re-purposed and used in a variety of new ways.

Salvation Army op shops, church second hand shops, dump shops, twigs and fallen trees in the bush that lay dying and sad, and frankly, we also used (what we thought was old crap, lying around the house that even we may have overlooked or thought of as obsolete items), and salvaged and recycled.



We have scrubbed clean, repainted, re-purposed and created a little slice of heaven we wanted to share with you all. This is a beautiful example of what you can do with a little ingenuity, and a small budget.









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