Up-cycled, grey chenille occasional chair

Up-cycled, grey chenille occasional chair

This poor old, one of a pair chair, has been laying un-loved in the garage for a while after having enjoyed their unique comfort for a few years. We were very lucky to have been given these cast offs from a sister in law when we needed a helping hand.

Like most, we had always had the best of intentions to fix them up but had never had a need.

When a friend came to us not long ago with a change in circumstance, we decided to pass the love. Sadly upon closer inspection, (we had forgotten that there were buttons missing, some small rips in the old corduroy fabric in strategic places that made them less than desirable).

Now as the saying goes, we are jacks of all trades, masters of some, but we do like challenges and are dogged enough to try new things and have a go. When we were little, we remembered that our mum had recovered a couple of couches, so we dug deep into our subconscious minds for guidance.

We started the process by removing the old, worn, ugly, and somewhat faded fabric from the frame, starting from the bottom up. We were rather pleased to find that one piece naturally led to the removal of another. It’s like a giant jigsaw and actually fairly logical once you get going.

The most laborious part of the up-loving was removing hundreds of staples. We used an old flat head screw driver, staple remover, and pliers. For some this process is therapeutic, however we needed a little help, so we choose a great playlist and cranked up the volume.

Once all the panels of fabric were removed from the chair, we unpicked all of the stitching to give us the original panel patterns.

We headed down to our local fabric shop and bought 6m of a good looking, tightly woven, grey shot with black and beige, chenille fabric. Fairly durable and neutral enough to fit in with most other colour pallets. We also bought 3m of the black version for a foot stool. (See up-loved foot stool post).

We rolled out the fabric on the table, placed the old pieces so we could maximise the use of the chenille. (Be aware of the grain of the fabric, and try to ensure all pieces are cut with the straight line running the same way), and cut all the pieces required.

The best part is that there was very little sewing involved. All we needed to do now, was reverse the jigsaw puzzle and start reassembling the chair. We did use lots of staples to keep the fabric tight and in place. As we aren’t super heroes, we need the extra help of our friend the hammer, to whack in a few stubborn staples.

The final result, we think, is a charming new chair, ready for a new life with a magnificent, gorgeous, deserving friend. Xx

(You might notice, this new grey chair is already contoured to our beautiful friends form..)

Items used:

  • Flat head screw driver
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Brain
  • Scissors
  • Quick un-pick
  • Hammer
  • Sewing machine
  • Zip
  • Buttons

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