Recycled Queen Anne Duchess

Check out this beautiful up-loved piece I have completed this weekend. This one is for the bedroom.

As with most pieces of furniture I come across, the timber is usually damaged in some places which means it is necessary to either spend huge amounts of money getting it restored or to paint it. In the past I have always preferred beautiful natural timbers, but I’m going through a paint stage these days. Possibly as the cottage is in the bush, and we have retained some timber in the interior of the house, I feel it could all be a bit heavy if I didn’t mix it up a bit.


  • Sanding back the surface
  • Base coat of primer
  • First layer of top coat
  • Sand back the layer once dry
  • Add another top coat, plus distressing the paint
  • Gorgeous pink crystal drawer pulls

Voila! One beautifully up-loved and recycled Queen Anne Duchess!

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