Pink Roses and Berries

Every year just before Christmas, one of our longest running family traditions is to go berry picking. We load up the car with containers, and make our way to the berry farms. Last year I sadly missed the berries, and had to go cherry picking instead. This wasn’t half as much fun, and we ended up hurling cherries at each other – those suckers hurt if thrown at your face.

This year the berries were plentiful, and I came away with a huge haul of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. I was super excited about tasting the raspberries, and didn’t realise the awful scratches on my arm until later that day. Ahhh, the things I will do to get my raspberries.

Our berry farm of choice is located in the Dandenongs, a beautiful rainforest with winding roads, and amazing views. The  roses this year were out in bloom, I couldn’t help myself, I went a little nuts photographing the pink roses and berries. As excited as I got, I completely forgot to take photographs of the berries on my camera, instead I whipped out the trusty iphone and did manage to get a few photos there, which made a nice little addition to our Instagram. Head on over to our account to see what we did with some of the berries.

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