Mr Voltastic – Fur Baby

Here’s the first teaser of my furry friend.


It started with a teeny weeny cute brown and gold paw.  After that I was simply lost. I became obsessed with Mr Voltastic.

Now to be fair, between us, we have had dogs before so I wasn’t completely green. (Yeah right). In the past we had ended up with adult dogs, mostly rescue animals and of course these delightful creatures came fully potty trained, and none of them started crying/howling for mama in the middle of the night.

Far out, I was in for a surprise! Gulp, splutter. To cut a long story short, as I can talk about my fur baby happily for hours, Volt has become a delightful addition to our home. He happily accompanies us on my many trips, scouting for furniture or fabulous scraps of fabric, which of course he thinks is the best tasting treat. (He tries to eat EVERYTHING).  He helps me paint, sand, varnish, sew, craft. He’s really a very clever dog.

Edie x

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