Mirror mirror on the wall

No I do NOT have a problem. I am NOT addicted to mirrors! Well, actually my fingers were crossed when I told Harn, I did NOT buy another piece of useless glass.

I think at last count I have around 60 give or take. This includes a variety of sizes and shapes, hanging, hand held, free standing, convex mirrors, wooden frames, gilded frames, metal frames, rusty or beveled edges. I just adore mirrors. They very simply, just fascinate me. Now, not because I’m vain you understand, I just love them, especially old mirrors. mirror on the wall I’m not at all concerned if they have small chips or some de-silvering on the mirror, this all adds to the charm. If I’m home alone, I’m never actually alone as I see myself reflected as I walk by. It’s comforting.

I see beautiful light and shadows filtered through them, which constantly changes depending on the weather and time of day. And then i think of  all the beautiful faces that have looked into the glass over time, wondering what they see when they look inside, and boy, if those mirrors could talk, well I bet they could make a very juicy book. I guess for me, mirrors are a living piece of art, and as I get so easily bored and want to change my art on a regular basis, I suppose that because things are constantly changing in a mirror, I’m never bored with mirrors.

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