Herbal Tea Lusting

When the temperature drops, and you are feeling like being gentle to yourself, and nourishing your body with something that tastes amazing – but is also very virtuous, Tea is the answer.

If I told you how many different kinds of tea I own, you wouldn’t believe me… Seriously, I have waaaaayyy too many varieties for one girl!!

See below some of my favourite herbal tea blends to cure the winter blues.

1. T2: Strawberries & Cream – This tastes just like it sounds, sweet, and pretty. 🙂

2. Higher Living: Cocoa & Chilli – Sounds weird, but a lighter, & healthier version of hot chocolate, with a kick of chilli.

3. Zeetea: Peppermint Lux – A little different, Rose, Lavender & Peppermint, tea that is a real gem.

4. T2: Turkish Apple Chunky – This is a beautiful tea served hot or cold, I love the spiced apple flavours.

5. T2: Riotous Rose – This is a lovely, pretty, girly tea. The scent is amazing!

6. T2 – Licorice Legs – I freakin’ love this tea! Enough said…

7. Higher Living: Sweet Chai – Soothing & warming spicy blend, a great pick for the coldest of nights.

8. Higher Living: Evening – This is my go to tea for when I need to relax before bedtime, easy to drink, and really does settle a busy mind.

9. T2: Ready Set Raspberry – Fantastic when feeling under the weather, or when those pesky cramps strike.

10. T2: Vanilla Slice – Sweet to look at, and sweet to sip


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