We love to sew, alter, add, remove or completely ruin, (depends on your perspective) any item of clothing. Over the years we have made costumes for our college theater shows, made ball dresses, barbie doll clothes, kids clothes, accessories, friends and family’s clothes as well as our own.

DISCLOSURE:  Now although we love to sew, we are not and never shall be a world class sewer. We use the skills we have collected/gained from different people and places and try to create vintage, fun, rock inspired easy to wear garments.

Foxette came about as a collaboration between a couple of fashion mad friends of mine. They couldn’t find pieces they wanted or could afford in the shops and decided to make their own.   Another talented  gorgeous friend Wolf Mama created their logo and they started trading as Foxette.


So watch this space fashion lovers…..

Edie x


Model: Nikki from Coup De Foudre Surface Art + Design

Makeup & Photography by: Owen Allison

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