Farmers Market Withdrawals

As sisters, we both grew up on the land, with sheep, cattle, chickens, and home-grown vegetables. The funny thing is what we all call ‘organic’ these days was just normal for us. You really cant beat food grown naturally without chemicals, and the best part is picking fresh garden peas, and eating them straight out of the pods.

I think food grown seasonally, and treated naturally is the only way to go. The reality of it though, is most of us have that expectation of going to the supermarket, and having access to apples, tomatoes, and lettuce all year round, when in reality, these are not meant to be available every day of the year. They are seasonal, and sadly the flavour suffers.

I love going to the farmers markets locally, I kid you not, the flavour of the produce is insanely good. One of my favourites at my local markets is the mushroom man, his mushrooms are so beautifully delicate and full of flavour, another favourite are the seasonal strawberries….. WOW

I’ve actually become quite the savvy little farmers market shopper, I’ve worked out all the farmers markets within a 40 km radius, and even though they are only open fortnightly, if you are clever, you can go every week to a different one. I did this for several years, and like most things, I became so busy with work, and responsibilities, it became easier to just drop into the supermarket after work, rather than committing to driving to the farmers markets. I’m cursing myself for being too busy / lazy to go, and I will be changing that as of this week.

Farmers Markets here I come!!!



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