Easy & Cheap – DIY Cushions

If you’re like us, and sometimes feel creative, but may not have a long attention span, these cute DIY cushions will give you enough satisfaction to curb your inventive fix in double quick time.

This is a great way to re-invent/re-invigorate a tired looking space in any room of the house, especially if you recycle parts of your old cushions.

We had some old doilies and other fabric lying around the house and decided it would be a great way to utilize the scrap fabric.


All you need:

  • Sewing machine using a basic straight stitch
  • Fabric scraps
  • Cushion inners
  • Scissors
  • Quick unpick
  • Zip


  1. Measure the cushion inner, keep the width the same, double the length, and add x 1cm along all sides for the seam allowance and zip. (We unpicked the zips from the old cushions and recycled them, as well as the cushion inners.)
  2. Cut the fabric, fold the fabric in half so it is roughly the same shape and size as the cushion inner the ‘right’ side (the pretty side you want to see when cushions are completed) needs to be inside.
  3. Stitch the zip into the two cut ends of the fabric (opposite the folded side). Then stitch each of the other sides together.
  4. Before turning the fabric inside out, snip across each corner on a diagonal being careful not to cut the stitching. This ensures that the corners sit nicely once it’s turned out the right way.
  5. Turn the cover inside out, insert the cushion inner, zip it up and you have a super easy, very cute and quick new cushion.

Make as many as you like. We chose different scraps to create an eclectic collection for our lounge room sofa. I suspect the bedrooms will be next in line for metamorphosis.

A fun, productive afternoon, revitalizing your home.

xx Edie

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