Cottage on the hillside.

The Cottage on the hillside.

It’s as kiwi as. As kiwi as it gets. The kiwi dream. The old bach. Yes siree, LETS BUY IT!. Or as i prefer to call it, what the $#@% was I thinking, I’m totally off my rocker bonkers!

The roller coaster ride, complete with bumps, again.

Well, to start with, we were supposed to be buying a solid, modest, tidy wee home that I, Edie, could do some window dressing with. I thought this would be a great medium to showcase my talent for creative inventiveness in prettying up a house on a zero budget. This was the deal, as (lets call him nobscratch for now, NS for short), was completely sick of doing all the construction work needed to complete our previous two home renovations. These were needless to say, very sad old kiwi homes.
However, the longer we looked, the more we realized how few properties were available in the market, either in our price range, or in the area we were looking at.
I had noticed a property that ticked some of my wish list, but sadly  didn’t tick NS’s,  so i avoided showing him. After a month of frustration at the lack of potential properties, i convinced him to have a look. Needless to say I fell in want with the rundown, (charm of the place is possibly a long shot), house that Jack built. As you can guess, NS did not. Now after a few months searching, and staying with VERY understanding and wonderful friends, I convinced NS to view the house a second time, and you guessed it, he decided the location and price was too good a deal to pass up. We made an offer, and within a couple of days were the new owners of a gorgeous, (me wearing rose colored glasses), run down, desperately in need of repairs, cottage/seaside bitsy bach. (happy dance)!
So here is the story of our teeny weeny, odd bod, somewhat strange layout, cosy, kiwi as, home renovation on an inventive, I’ve still got no money for building supplies, decorations, sigh, budget, oh well, we’ll recycle, up cycle, down cycle, or make it ourselves then.

Edie x



At the start of this journey, NS and I had been happily living together for what I thought was forever. Sadly, or happily, this changed a short time into the renovations and we parted ways. This meant our mutual ideas and plans for the cottage in the hills, stalled and we sold without completing it.

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