Beetroot & Ginger Hor d’oeuvres



Something not commonly known about us, is that we just LOVE tiny food. Instead of a large meal, sometimes we want a small variety of food that is easy to make with different flavours and providing our eyes with a visual feast.

This little gem is one of our go-to faves!


Beetroot & Ginger Hor d’oeuvres


Any kind of vege chip will do but we used golden and red baked beetroot chips.

1 cup of plain thick Greek yoghurt.

1 lemon squeezed.

A walnut size piece of fresh ginger grated.

Salt and pepper.

Fresh chopped chives.



Mix together the yoghurt, ginger, lemon, salt and pepper. Place the vege chips on a plate, use a

teaspoon to scoop the yoghurt mix onto the chips, sprinkle with chives to garnish.

Enjoy xxx




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