Antique French Bedhead

I have always had a bit of a love affair with Antique French furniture. Sadly because of my geography and lack of budget I have never been able to afford any of the gorgeous pieces I’ve dreamt about or seen internationally. After years of wistfully wishing for what I couldn’t currently have, I decided to work with what I could find locally, and do a bit of a mash up of styles and periods and hope that the end result was at the very least, an eclectic peaceful space. Well, it’s all in the interpretation really, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, (when I wear my rose colored glasses it looks fabulous).

I was lucky to find an old headboard, although in retrospect it was actually the bed foot end on bed head as I first thought, at the local secondhand shop for $2. It was very cute, with great hand carved detailing. The wooden veneer was pretty scratched up in a couple of places so It definitely had to be painted. Unfortunately it was only a small double which was way to narrow for my king size bed. I went back to the secondhand shop and found an old single bedhead with the exact measurements required to lengthen the main bedhead. All i had to do was cut the single bedhead in half and join each piece to each side of the main bedhead. I joined it by placing a piece of wood horizontally across the old bedhead and the new single and just screwed a few screws in both sides to hold into place.

I cut off the cabriole legs, I could use these for another project. This done it did look a bit odd. After looking for a solution, I found a company the was producing latex moldings for a fraction of the price It would cost to get plaster or hand carved wooden ones. I found a few bits that “mostly matched”, an exact match was pretty much impossible. I super glued them into place and painted with an undercoat then did the top two coats. I wanted to create a worn vintage effect so I did a white undercoat, followed by two very rough top coats.I did a light sand with very fine sandpaper, (I scrounge all my bits of sandpaper, screws, glue, from Mr Edies scrap pile), then dusted. Everything looked great apart from the new latex molding, it looked like rubber. I had run out of my wee pot of brown paint, and as I have a tendency to be a bit impatient, I looked round the house for something else I could use. Now I have been a bit lucky to have worked for a couple of major cosmetic companies and have scored some great product, most I have given away to friends and family, however I still have a few bits lying around. Que old brown eyeliner! Well all i can say is that once you have smudged a bit of eyeliner onto the new latex moldings, it starts to look exactly like the aged carved wooden moldings. New trick, super happy, if you decide to try your own DIY Antique French Bedhead, please comment below or share your work via our social media!017



Edie x

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