About Must Love Rust




At the core of Must Love Rust is the boundless optimism of the future, combined with a love affair of the past.

We live to celebrate the simple things, sharing pieces of ourselves through storytelling, whilst indulging in the pleasures life has to offer.
Whether it’s feeling the warm summer breeze in our hair, or waking up to the sound of morning birds chirping. From tasting sumptuous delights, to wearing a classic piece which hugs our curves. These are the things that excite us and keep our imaginations alive!
At Must Love Rust, we don’t strive for perfection, as we don’t believe it exists. We strive only to try as hard as we can, have as much fun as we can, be fair and honest, and be our best, most unique selves every day.
We are our own prototypes, we aren’t like any other person on the planet, and we make our own rules.

Here we will share with you our triumphs, our secret finds, our creations, and the little things which make us fall in love with life just a little more and make every day, ‘Must Love Rust’ day.

Welcome to Must Love Rust.
Pull up a comfy chair, perhaps pour a sneaky glass of wine, and let us into your world.